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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Intelligence, and Machine Learning are hot buzzwords today and they are, sometimes used interchangeably.
The perception that they are the same often leads to some confusion. But, under the covers, they are different. ML and MI do not get as much attention as AI, yet they are the underlying enablers of it. As they evolve, the differences will become more obvious and this webinar will unpack not only AI but MI and ML as well.
This presentation takes a look at these platforms, what they are, and how they differ. Their infusion into platforms such as ChapGPT, social media, industry, and societal segments change the landscape as significantly as the splitting of the atom.

  • Defining AI and its tangential elements (ML and MI)
  • Use cases for each
  • How are functions (algorithms, models)
  • Deep learning
  • Methodologies and techniques
  • Neural networks
  • The AI case for big data
  • AI Chat 

  • AI
  • MI
  • ML
  • Deep learning
  • Underlying principles of the components and elements
  • Structuring of data
  • Use cases
  • Methodologies (how things flow and how the various elements come together)
  • Limitations
  • How big data plays into it

To give the attendee an unbiased understanding of the AI/MI/ML and the deep learning landscape. This is a semi-deep dive into the elements of AI, what they are, how they differ, and what components make it up. The key takeaway is to understand what it is, and what it is not. 

  • Technical - engineers
  • Semi-technical – product managers, technicians
  • Non–technical – C-level, Sales, and marketing (to gain a fundamental knowledge of the technology)
  • Students
  • IT individuals
  • Teachers
  • Social media

Ernest Worthman is an analyst and SME in several segments of high technology and the VP of content and Technology for AGL Information and Technology, LLC.

He is also a nationally and internationally published technical editor/writer for wireless, semiconductor, cybersecurity, and other industries and regularly speaks at industry events.

As well, he is a guest lecturer at Colorado State University’s College of Electrical Engineering.

Ernest has over 25 years of experience in high-tech print and online publishing. He has held several editorial positions across several high-tech publications including Semiconductor Engineering’s cybersecurity and Internet of Everything/Everyone (IoX) channels, Editor of RF Design, Editorial Director of Reed’s Wireless group, which included Wireless Design and Development and Fiber Optic Technology He has also been the editor of RF Design and a contributing editor to Mobile Radio Technology, Satellite Communications and others, as well as computer-related periodicals such as Windows NT.

His technical media and writing practice clients include Agilent (now Keysight) Technologies, RF Industries, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Advanced Linear Devices, and others for which he does technical and engineering writing.

Before that, he had a hardware and software consulting and training practice which, among other things, developed and presented edge-of-the envelope training courses for computer software/hardware and OS’s for Fortune 500 Clients such as IBM and Goldman Sachs. Early on, he was an RF engineer with Motorola.

Ernest’s present credentials include a B.S. Electronic Engineering, A.A. S, Electronic Digital Technology; Senior and Life Member of the IEEE, a member of IEEE’s ComSoc, VTS, MTTS, Big Data, Future Networks, AI, and 5G community, board member of the 6G Alliance, and a Panellist and session chair at various technical conferences. His former credentials include being a Fellow of the Radio Club of America, a Certified State of Colorado Post-Secondary/Adult teacher/instructor; a Member IBM Software Developers Assistance Program and Independent Vendor League; a Microsoft Solutions Provider; an IBM-Certified OS2 consultant and trainer; WordPerfect Corporation Developer/Consultant and Lotus Development Corporation Developer/Consultant.

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