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Providing assistance to someone, who is in a dire need of help, can make the person's day and also the one who is getting assisted, especially when he or she is dealing with issues that stretch the work-life balance and make them struggle and survive every day at work. These issues can be irrelevant and appalling rumors, harassments that go beyond the limits, or understanding strenuous corporate laws and its functions. There are various laws that are an ordeal for the Human Resources department and other position that deals with recruitment and finance. To reduce their burdensome, our speakers, who keep relevant experience in the subject, provide you with effective solutions that reduce the overhead of your problem and saves time. Take a look at what our blogs have to say. For more details, attend our webinars.

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By Christina Mazzella

"Working in Corporate has never been easy especially when you have your desk in the Finance department. There are modifications that are seen every now and then in the corporate as well as FDA-governed Financial sectors, which, requires you to be highly well versed with the new laws and its regulatory aspects. The entire process can be mund...

By Sandra Williams

"247 Compliance provides the best assistance in the Healthcare and Hospital Industry. As an employee from the healthcare industry, it is required that you have a scrupulous and a prudent insight with all the legal aspects that revolve around the medical devices and deal with it profoundly. I was finding it really hard to comprehend and anal...

By Peter Labermeier

"I was devastated and was looking for help. I work in the Human Resource department and being a fresher, learning every legal aspect regarding how the company works, took a toll on me. I came across 247 Compliance and thank god I did. After attending one of their webinars on how to draft an Employee Handbook and what are the legal issues th...

By Lisa Benson

“I came across 247 Compliance when I found myself running from pillar to post but still could not confer with the FDA regulated laws and policies. The Food and Beverages Industry undergoes high domination by the FDA in maintaining the constituent ingredients in the supplements that are regulated for the common public. Recently, FDA generat...

By Nakia Adams

"Most of my work involves packaging and labeling. FDA administers a large part of my work, which in turn, is based on the rules that govern every labeling process. Every year, we get updated FDA rules that are either ramified completely with a new set of effective rules, or we get to see the modification happening in the old rules at a very...