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The Department of Labor recently released its final rules on Independent Contractors vs. Employees. Here’s a few headlines to be aware of:
US Department of Labor recovers $532K in back wages after employer misclassifies them as contractors.
A federal investigation has recovered $113,613 in back wages and liquidated damages from a New York City hotel management company that denied employees their full-earned wages, including overtime, by misclassifying many of the affected workers as independent contractors.

  • The new DOL six-factor test on Independent contractors vs. Employees
  • IRS Common Law Rules Regarding Independent Contractors
  • ABC Common Law Method
  • Differences in Financial Obligations
  • Consequences of Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • What’s Going to Get You in Trouble
  • Action Items

A federal court in Virginia has entered a judgment ordering a Norfolk-based medical staffing agency, which intentionally violated federal laws and denied employees their rightfully earned overtime wages, to pay more than $7.2 million in back wages and liquidated damages.
The above penalties occurred BEFORE the new rules were issued. Violating the law regarding independent contractors can be very expensive.
Don’t become one of those companies that is forced to pay hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars because they do not know the rules.

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Bob McKenzie brings over 40 years of extensive human resources management experience to the table. With a rich background spanning various industries in both the private sector, public sector, and nonprofit organizations, Bob has honed his expertise in all facets of HR practices.

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Bob holds a Bachelor of Science in Commerce Degree with double majors in Industrial Relations and Organizational Behavior from Rider University. Currently residing in Brunswick, GA, Bob continues to be a driving force in the HR industry, offering valuable insights and solutions to organizations worldwide.

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