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Even though your payroll calculations may be completed by a vendor application or an in-house, IT-developed program, understanding gross, taxable gross, pre-and post-tax deductions, and order of precedence are all factors in getting to both gross and net.  The COVID pandemic has also complicated calculations in a few ways.  This online seminar will assist payroll users in that. Even if you only have a few hourly-paid workers, it is worth it to understand how to calculate their pay each pay period. If you are not clear on the new withholding calculations, this seminar will include a review of withholding calculations.

  • Calculating Regular Rate
  • Understanding pay frequency
  • Gross vs taxable
  • Using the new Publication !5-T for calculating Federal Tax
  • When to use Supplemental rates
  • Updated State Supplemental rates
  • State Withholding changes after the revamped W-4 went into effect

  • Taxable vs Salary/Hours
  • Blended Rates
  • RRP (Regular Rate of Pay) calculation
  • Exclusions from taxable
  • State differences in taxable calculations
  • Additions to and subtractions from the rate
  • Taxable items not subject to withholding
  • Voluntary and scheduled deductions
  • Deduction limits
  • gross-to-net calculation
  • Calculating Federal tax based on the current Form W-4 

Plowing through the many rules regarding taxable, non-taxable, and pre-tax deductions and earnings is challenging. We will help you calculate base to gross wages for multiple scenarios.  This online seminar will help you respond to the employee who cannot understand why his/her rate is $1,000 per pay period and the paystub says, “Taxable Gross=$920.00”.Do you pay hourly employees with separate hourly rates for different jobs?  Do you pay employees in a state that allows pre-tax deductions?  Or are you in a state that does not allow pre-tax deductions? This online seminar can help you pay these employees correctly every time.  Even if you use a payroll vendor, your team should always know how to calculate wages, to verify calculations are correct. Once you pass the “Gross” hurdle and have captured the taxable gross, you can move on to the gross-to-net calculation, which will highlight voluntary deductions, the amounts available for such deductions, and net pay. This online seminar contains all-new content for 2022!

  • Payroll Associate
  • Payroll supervisor

Merle Capello is an experienced Payroll Professional who can manage, train and elevate team members, enhancing their skills so that they can be leveraged to benefit clients. Merle is a professional who works to improve processes, by additional knowledge and conforming to rules of compliance. She is also an experienced procedure and policy developer who works to leave a better team behind than the one she finds. Merle is a subject matter expert on compliance, payroll taxes, work rules and payroll best practices. Merle, offers consulting services for those who need a professional's advice and counsel. In her more than 25 years of experience spearheading the development, enhancement, and transfer of payroll and HRIS operations, Merle has learned to provide team members with the guidance and motivation to exceed objectives. Merle enjoys the challenge of implementation and organizational change, using her analytical skills and her knowledge base to make the most prudent decisions for the team and for her clients. Merle easily adapted to either running a department or advising a client on how best to run their department. She can write step-by-step directions for processes, if needed, or coach a team member to do so. Merle is also a longtime member of her professional organization, the American Payroll Association. She held Advanced Payroll Certification for over 25 years.
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