The Triple Whammy of Dealing with FMLA, ADAAA and Workers Compensation

Recorded Session
75 Minutes


    Dealing with cases that involve the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the American’s with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAAA) and Workers Compensation is often called the Bermuda Triangle of Employment Law. We call it a Triple Whammy, as these types of cases are very complicated to understand and deal with correctly. These three laws often conflict leaving Human Resources professionals scratching their heads and wondering how to deal with the maze of regulations. The Triple Whammy of Dealing with FMLA, ADAAA and Workers Compensation is an absolute must for all supervisors as well as human resources staff. Understanding the interplay of these laws to assure compliance with the rules and regulations is essential to protect the company from potentially very expensive lawsuits and settlements. 

Learning Objectives

    • Recognizing and analyzing the interaction of the ADA, FMLA and Workers’ Compensation Laws
    • Understanding the purposes of the three laws and why they often conflict.
    • Knowing the areas of interplay between the three laws that employers need to consider when managing employee absenteeism
    • Giving participants the knowledge and ability to describe and analyze a situation in which the three laws interact
    • The importance of thinking through a situation before acting when dealing with employee absenteeism issues

Why Should You Attend?

    Violations of these laws can result in back pay, front pay, and liquidated damages often resulting in multi-million dollar judgments against the company. Since we live in a very litigious world and plaintiff attorneys are looking to pounce on the mistakes of employers, you must know the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and the employee to keep you and your company out of court. Ignorance is not a defense and supervisors and managers have been held personally liable for violations of FMLA. Conflicts between these laws add to the complexity of trying to comply. 

Area Covered

    This webinar will concentrate on:

    • An Overview of the Family and Medical Leave Act
    • An Overview of the American’s with Disabilities Act Amendment Act
    • An Overview of Workers Compensation Laws
    • Areas of conflicts among these laws
    • Conducting an analysis before taking actions
    • Case studies

Who will benefit?

    • Human Resources professionals
    • Payroll administrators
    • Benefits professionals
    • Business managers
    • Business owners
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Speaker Profile

ins_img Bob McKenzie

Bob McKenzie has over 40 years of human resources management experience. His background includes a wide range of hands-on experience in all HR practices.Bob has been cited in a number of Human Resources trade publications. Among them are, HR Magazine, HR Florida Review,, BNA and the Institute of Management and Administration and the Business Journals. He has been a speaker at a number of conferences as well as audio and web-based seminars.Bob recently received two prestigious awards for his service to the community and his profession. Entrepreneurial Anchor Magazine presented him with the “Man of Steel” award for …