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Learning to stay positive and navigate through negative experiences and confrontational situations will gain you not only respect from others, but confidence in yourself. As you practice positivity and self-control in these situations, you will become better and stronger each time.

This seminar is about learning techniques for staying positive in a negative environment that will help you take things less personally even when you are being attacked. You will gain the ability to keep conversations solution-focused even when the other person “gets personal.”

As you gain tools to navigate and thrive through negative and confrontational situations, you gain confidence and self-assurance. People see you as strong and diplomatic.

Negative people thrive off of pulling others into negativity. You will learn specific phrases to use to keep that from happening. Additionally, you’ll gain tools to keep yourself positive and energized regardless of the people or situations you encounter. You will empower yourself to stay solution focused and not be pulled down or drained by others’ negative or confrontational actions.

You will learn how to stay positive and neutral in negative environments.You will feel more confident communicating through tough topics. You will be able to step away from negativity without getting sucked in. You will understand how to remain calm and positive when you are put on the spot or confronted or while working in a negative environment. You will gain respect and credibility even from the negative people because you remain in control while others are emotional.

  • An understanding of how staying  positive in a negative environment and navigating through negative experiences and confrontational situations will gain you respect from others and more confidence in yourself
  • Ways you can practice positivity and self-control in all situations, so that you will become better and stronger each time
  • Key phrases that shut negative people down and guide the conversation toward solution
  • Proven techniques to feel empowered when you are being confronted, attacked, or belittled
  • Ways to ensure that you are able to stay clear, focused  and on topic
  • Techniques to enable you to move through difficult topics with ease, clarity and honesty
  • Keys toinsure that you will not become defensive when confronted
  • Techniques to keep you from taking things personally or getting your feelings hurt
  • Quick and easy waysto calm people down who are escalated, defensive or upset

  • You should attend if you want to be able to stay positive in negative or difficult situations.
  • You should attend if you struggle with communicating through confrontation or with angry or aggressive people.
  • You should attend if you fear that you will become defensive when confronted or if you feel you might take it personally or get your feelings hurt.
  • You should attend if you areuncertain how toavoid negative people or interact with negative people in a way that guides them to solution or at least keeps them from continuing down a negative path.
  • You should attend if you need tools you can use in the moment to guide yourself to solution oriented verbiage and keep conversations focused on topic and positive rather than negative or accusatory.
  • You should attend if you struggle keeping your energy up in negative environments and around negative, draining people.
  • You should attend if you doubt your abilities of staying positive in a negative environment and focused when addressing difficult or emotional topics with others.
  • You should attend if you want quick techniques to help you shut down negative conversations and keep your mindset clear and on topic.
  • You should attend if you wish to have more control in situations that turn emotional and with people who become defensive, upset, accusatory, and confrontational.
  • You should attend if you want more over-all control of yourself and you wish to set your own mood regardless of what goes on around you.

  • Anyone who has to deal with negativity and  negative people
  • Anyone who needs tools to deal with confrontation
  • Anyone who wants to communicate better through difficult topics

Januarie Wood is an award-winning speaker and international trainer. She has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX news programs for her work in stress management, weight release, and related topics and has spoken for the following organizations:

Kansas City School Board

Tusculum College

Cal Polly State University

Justice Jewelers

Wichita State University

AHP Corp

Various Chambers of Commerce

and more

Featured articles written about Januarie's work can be found in Business Journals, 417 Magazine, The News Leader, Today's Woman, and others.

As a certified Seshim Reiki master and energy expert, she uses a variety of techniques to help clients transmute blocks that hold them back from experiencing the life they desire. She is the creator of MindMeditations, a highly-effective, multi-layered tool for change.

Januarie is also a HighVibe practitioner, communication specialist, hypnotherapist, and a certified life coach. She specializes in helping her clients understand and manifest their life purpose and live from a higher place.

As an international entrepreneur, Januarie offers intensive custom mentoring packages. Januarie speaks and conducts workshops internationally and resides in the Seattle WA area.

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