Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance for Supervisors and Managers: Creating and Preserving a Legal and Respectful Workplace

Recorded Session
90 Minutes


    Almost 100,000 discrimination charges were filed with EEOC and state Fair Employment Agencies in the fiscal year 2013 that resulted in more than $300 million in non-litigated awards. According to a study conducted by Seyfarth Shaw LLP law-firm, the top 10 private plaintiff employment discrimination class action lawsuits cost employers more than $350 million.

    Unfortunately without ongoing training, supervisors, even organizations with the best intentions make mistakes and costly ones at that. This audio conference by seasoned speaker Ronald Adler is designed to help organizations provide supervisors and managers with the basic tools to help them manage their subordinates effectively and lawfully. This session also provides attendees with actionable information to reduce their organizations’ exposure to employment discrimination claims.

Learning Objectives

    • Gain an understanding of key employment discriminations and regulations
    • Be able to identify and assess the risks associated with discrimination
    • Learn the role of supervisors and managers play in creating and demonstrating a culture of compliance
    • Review the basics for creating an inclusive and respectful workplace

Why Should You Attend?

    Managers and supervisors ought to be able to get the information they want from possible candidate-without violating any laws. It is as crucial as it is important to manage your subordinates lawfully and effectively. Learn how to preserve a legal and respectful workplace environment.

    Managers and supervisors directly affect employee commitment and engagement, morale and productivity, as well as employee retention and since they play a critical role in EEO compliance, their actions - or inactions - expose their organization to significant liabilities.

Area Covered

    • Define management's role and responsibility in the EEO program
    • Consider the impact of EEO laws when making decisions
    • Take appropriate action when an EEO complaint is filed
    • Recognize and implement sound practices that support EEO objectives
    • Use the special emphasis program to achieve EEO objectives
    • Define, identify and take appropriate action in sexual harassment cases

Who will benefit?

    • HR professionals
    • Managers and supervisors
    • Compliance officers
    • Risk managers
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Speaker Profile

ins_img Ronald L. Adler

Ronald L. Adler, president of Laurdan Associates Inc. has 42 years of HR consulting experience and has served as a consulting expert on work force, workplace, and HR management issues for The Wall Street Journal, HRMagazine, and other publications and newspapers across the country. Mr. Adler's research findings have been used by the Federal Reserve Board, the EEOC, the National Conference of State Legislatures, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), insurers, and international organizations.Mr. Adler is a frequent lecturer and author on HR management, employment practices, and UI issues. Mr. Adler is the author and editor of the Employment-Labor …