Datafication Of Hr: Making The Transition From Metrics To Business Analytics

Recorded Session
90 Minutes


    Leading organizations are using metrics to drive decisions around people. But how can we move from measures to analysis? Oftentimes, HR focused metrics fall short of delivering the types of insight business leaders need to drive business impact. This webinar will provide tools and strategies for using descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, and prescriptive analytics in Human Resources in a manner that will initiate better people intelligence. Participants will learn what it takes to make the transition from operational reporting to strategic analytics and impact.

Learning Objectives

    • Identify what trends are impacting the need for Datafication in HR
    • Identify the key differences between metrics and analytics
    • Define analytics and describe tools and strategies for using descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, and prescriptive analytics in Human Resources
    • Discuss ways HR can consider data in a rigorous manner and use it to
    • Use data and analytics to articulate a business case relative to people processes
    • Effectively communicate analytics stories to senior leaders
    • Identify key analytics that drive the highest level of business impact including recruiting, performance, retention, and compensation

Why Should You Attend?

    HR Leaders who are able to take measures and metrics, and glean key insights can make great people related decisions and drive results. This webinar will help HR and business leaders to do a rigorous analysis of key HR data and become more impactful and strategic. This webinar will help HR leaders graduate from reporting on metrics to demonstrating sophisticated analytics that drive results.

Area Covered

    • Key trends driving the need for Datafication of HR
    • Definitions of key terminology related to Datafication and analytics
    • Comparison of metrics and analytics and when to use which
    • Integration of data and how to analyze
    • Define a variety of approaches to analytics including descriptive, diagnostic and prescriptive
    • Rigorous use of data
    • Data visualization to demonstrate key aspects or insights
    • How to build and articulate a business case
    • How to communicate insights and outcomes to senior leaders
    • Which areas of focus deliver the key insights which will drive business impact

Who will benefit?

    • Human Resources Executives and Professionals
    • Division and Department Heads
    • Manager
    • Supervisors
    • Team Lead
    • Individual contributors who need to deliver results through others
    • Consultants
Webinar Option
Downloadable Recorded Session
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Speaker Profile

ins_img Ronald L. Adler

Ronald L. Adler, president of Laurdan Associates Inc. has 42 years of HR consulting experience and has served as a consulting expert on work force, workplace, and HR management issues for The Wall Street Journal, HRMagazine, and other publications and newspapers across the country. Mr. Adler's research findings have been used by the Federal Reserve Board, the EEOC, the National Conference of State Legislatures, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), insurers, and international organizations.Mr. Adler is a frequent lecturer and author on HR management, employment practices, and UI issues. Mr. Adler is the author and editor of the Employment-Labor …