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The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has changed the way we work, how we work, and how we lead across the globe. Employers are challenged with how to stay in business while running their business remotely. With the constant changes, employers are stretch thin on how to make the remote world a reality.
While remote work may be the new normal, employers must also create a clear policy to ensure that employees understand what working remotely means and the expectation is for all that is involved. Leaders must also understand how to lead remotely to obtain the most productivity from their employees. To ensure employees are successful employers must set expectations, evaluate the tools and technology to be productive, outline how managers must lead, and continue to promote company culture.

  • Set clear expectations and document policies
    • Guidelines around hours of availability;
    • Job responsibilities; and
    • Performance goals.
  • Evaluate technology
  • Outline how managers and supervisors lead remotely
  • Create human capital management infrastructure
  • Promote culture and information sharing
  • Provide meaningful learning and growth opportunities
  • Consider remote employee engagement and team building activities

For many employees working remotely is new and challenging. Many employees will experience isolation, low productivity, and disconnection from their teammates. On the flip side, employers are also challenged with the new normal of continuing to run their business and provide customer service to their clients. This webinar will address best practices for both employees and employers. In order to move forward into the new normal, it will take all of us moving forward together!


  • HR Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Managers
  • All industries
  • Employees first time working from home
  • Compliance Managers
  • Leaders on every level
  • Employers who want to implement a remote workforce

Tonia Morris is the Founder of Simply HR, LLC. A management and HR consulting firm specializing in Millennial and Multi Generation training and culture transformation. 

Tonia has spent over 30 years in the Human Resource profession focusing on organization development and culture transformation.  Tonia has designed best practices and developed and facilitated training for organizations such as Chick Fil la, Sherwin Williams, Oracles and Universities across the SE.  Tonia has also worked in many industries such as Government, Retail, Information Technology, Financial Services and Education where she was instrumental in their cultural transformation.

Tonia’s passion is to help organization bridge their generation gap and develop cultures that is compassion friendly of each generation.  Tonia is known by many as the Generational Connector.  Tonia is the author of Compassion@work.

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