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247compliance is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP. This program is valid for 1.5 PDC for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit

"Managing Up" is the way we describe working effectively with our boss. When you have more than one boss, this is not an option. Learn to use your talents and skills to work successfully with more than one boss. Enhance your skills and learn new ones to be more efficient, effective, and successful in overcoming challenges and getting the results all your bosses expect.

Most people find it challenging enough to work well with even ONE boss. If you're working with two bosses – or MORE – the challenge may seem insurmountable. Dealing with the workload is tough, but now you must manage multiple communications styles, sets of expectations, schedules, projects, and more.

This can mean multiple headaches. Even if the "official” designation is 50% of your time for Mr. A. and 50% of your time for Ms. B., the reality is BOTH may act as if 100% of your time is devoted to them!

Today, many businesses are organized so it is common to report to several different managers. For many professionals being assigned to 3 or more people is the rule rather than the exception. You can thrive in this new world and function successfully, effectively, and efficiently, managing multiple projects.

Learn strategies for working with multiple bosses in a diplomatic, practical, and successful way, to get your work done and keep all of them satisfied.

Learn battle-tested techniques for managing multiple bosses and your own time. In today's world of "do more with less" and reduced staff to accomplish the mandatory results, many people find themselves reporting to more than one person and becoming frustrated with contradictory demands.

Learn to turn these challenges into accomplishments as you become more adept at meeting their differing needs. You'll discover how to:

  • Identify the preferred communication and work style of each manager and flex your own style to be compatible
  • Communicating with your boss — do’s and don'ts
  • Set up clear plans, schedules, and concrete expectations up front to avoid crises, miscommunication, and frustration
  • Use aligned assertive communication to set boundaries, "manage up,” and define priorities
  • Develop strategies and tactics to resolve conflicts among different managers' expectations
  • Convert the experience of multiple managers into a positive learning and growth opportunity to advance your career

Working for multiple bosses can be frustrating, intimidating, and emotionally draining. No matter what level in the organization you occupy, having more than one person calling the shots require agility and stamina. Learn to recognize the requirements of differing personalities, plan to integrate all assignments, negotiate coordination among bosses, communicate effectively, get the results each boss expects, and how to approach the boss when conflict arises at work.

Learn to adapt to this sort of management successfully while minimizing stress and struggle and know about the challenges managers face in the workplace.

  • What are your challenges and strengths of working with multiple bosses?
  • How will you navigate these challenges successfully and ideate strategies for working with multiple bosses?
  • Understanding your bosses' communication and work styles — how to communicate with your boss effectively
  • Flexing to work and communicate more effectively with each distinctive style
  • How to improve relationship with boss; 3 steps to better relationships
  • Effective time management skills
  • The hidden secrets of aligned assertive communication
  • The difference between hearing and listening; active Listening
  • Growing yourself and your career

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Executive Assistants
  • Supervisors/Managers/Directors
  • Contractors/Consultants
  • "Bosses" who must deal with multiple bosses
  • Anyone with more than one boss

Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D., president of Advantage Leadership, Inc. As president of Advantage Leadership, Inc. Rebecca works with leaders around the world, who want to grow their organizations and improve their bottom lines through strategic leadership and planning, engaged employees, and improved critical processes.

She works with leadership teams to develop robust strategic plans and, more importantly, execute them. She helps these teams become more strategic and critical in their thinkingand to apply approaches to problem solving with a track record of success. Rebecca has a Ph.D. in organizational development and is the author of 3 books on strategic leadership. She is an MBTI Master Practitioner, an elected foreign member of the St. Petersburg Engineering Academy, and has been honored by organizations on four continents.

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