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In less than a month, the world’s leading organizations went virtual in response to the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic.  Teleworking and working home initiatives became the norm and everything from the way we work to the way we think changed.  While many of us can’t wait for things to go back to normal, some are predicting more change in the future.  But it will go beyond the pandemic.  Technology, connectivity, health, social values are more are all poised to radically change and exert more demands on organizations.  How can leaders cope when change decreases workforce engagements and slows productivity?  In this virtual workshop, author Jonathan Halls will look at what leaders need to know and do to ensure their staff are engaged, productive and see value in their work and their organizations achieve their goals.  He’ll explore what gets in the way of change, how the brain copes with change and what leaders need to do both navigate and lead their teams through tough times.  This workshop offers no formula or easy solution to the future.  Rather it digs deep into the reality of change and explores what leaders can do to successfully build an innovative future.

  • Explore why change in tomorrow’s organizations will only increase in intensity and speed.
  • Discuss how the brain deals with change and what needs to be considered by leaders in terms of cognitive mechanics, experiential ecology and implementation.
  • Explore what effective leadership is in relation to leading staff through change.
  • Discuss practical tactics leaders can use every day to make change easier for staff in the gritty reality of a fast changing workplace.
  • Explore how leaders can develop greater resilience in both responding to and leading change

  • A snapshot of key factors that are driving change in the world and workplace which include technology (artificial intelligence, robotics, and connectivity), medicine (biotech and longer lifecycles) globalization (shifting alliances and trade) and values (social attitudes, expectations, generational differences.)
  • How the brain deals with change and why it resists it, drawing on the fields of cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, and neuroscience.  In particular, the external elements of change and how they effect morale, engagement and productivity.
  • The leaders role in change and how leaders can make it easy or difficult for their teams to truly embrace new ways of working.  In particular, questing the value of control-command leadership verses an empowering mindset, exploring the balance of responsibility a leader has between serving the worker and serving the organization, and dealing with the reality of control in today’s more agile organizations.
  • Getting real about leading change.  Too many workshops are about esoteric matters of change that struggle to find relevance in the gritty reality of the workplace.  We’ll explore how the leader deals with change outside the ‘academy’ and in the day-to-day world where decisions are uncertain, demands from staff are uncertain, email is unrelenting, and bosses only seem to want more.

Participants will learn what needs to happen to respond and lead change.  They’ll learn how to make sense of what change is, why people resist it and how to overcome it.  They’ll learn what that theory means in the gritty reality of today’s fast changing organizations and what they can do to help staff work through uncertainty.

  • HR professionals, especially those who are dealing with reorganizations
  • Managers of teams who must engage staff in change visions
  • IT and management consultants 

Author Jonathan Halls has an unconventional approach to talent development and leadership, forged over three decades working in 25 countries.  He believes there are no simple formulas because life simply isn’t like that.  He questions many of the fads that fuel organizational culture because realistically, there isn’t anything new under the sun.  And he believes the secret to leading lies in understanding people - how they think, their motivation and the circumstances that affect them.  Speaking, teaching, coaching and consulting on change, leadership, communication, innovation and digital media, he has helped executives, managers and supervisors lead and change organizations, build stronger teams and workforces and nurture true innovation.  With a background in talent development and corporate training, he spent his first two decades working with media organizations doing digital transformation.  Now based in the United States, he has spent the last ten years helping organizations across various sectors do change, digitization and improve leadership skills.  Jonathan is author of 5 books and has written hundreds of articles on communication, change, innovation, learning, digital media, training and leadership.

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