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Change and uncertainty is impacting our mental health and our ability to cope. Research shows that one in five will experience a mental illness at some point in their lives.
That means that every person is likely to have a family member, friend or co-worker that will struggle with a mental illness.
Failing to address these mental health concerns within your team will result in burnout, increased absenteeism, disengagement, and lost productivity.
Leaders who know how and feel comfortable in holding a supportive mental health conversation will have teams that can thrive during this uncertainty.

Key Messages:

  • Leaders who feel comfortable addressing mental health issues will have teams that thrive through challenge and those organizations that ignore those mental health needs will struggle to be productive, service their customers, and be competitive
  • There is a mental health continuum that we all move along, and it is dynamic as we experience stress, challenge, and crisis
  • Resiliency is boosted by garnering support from those around you
  • Effective and supportive mental health conversations create a psychologically safe and healthy workplace where employees can thrive
  • Recognition of the common indicators of a mental health challenge within their team is key to reducing stigma and creating a psychologically healthy workplace
  • Leaders can develop and confidently practice strategies for supporting those experiencing a mental health challenge
  • Utilizing the A-L-E-C model for effective and supportive mental health conversations is a comprehensive strategy that ensures that those experiencing a mental health challenge know that it is okay to open up and to ask for help when needed

Participants will:

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms that are signaling that your team is not coping as well as they could be
  • Distinguish the signs and symptoms of major mental illnesses so that there is a general recognition of the early warning signs of a mental health challenge
  • Develop an understanding and strategies for supporting those experiencing a mental health challenge in order to effectively encourage members to seek appropriate help if needed
  • Combat the effects of the stigma associated with having a mental illness in order to build understanding and acceptance in your workplace
  • Utilize the A-L-E-C model for effective and supportive mental health conversations to create a psychologically healthy workplace

Silence and stigma about mental illness is costly and those who need help often suffer in silence. Many employees would feel uncomfortable speaking up if they were experiencing a mental health issue.
Over half of respondents feared that making such a disclosure would jeopardize their chances for promotion and future success in their organizations. This fear and stigma can have disastrous consequences and negatively impact your bottom line. Many leaders feel that they are lacking in meaningful tools to offer any assistance. The key to breaking down barriers and eliminating the stigma around mental health is in our ability to have supportive, honest, caring conversations.
Successful leaders know that healthy employees are a competitive edge and they know that small shifts can have a major impact. By focusing on how to hold supportive mental health conversations, this interactive training will help you protect your team’s mental health now and in the future.
Discover how be supportive when you suspect that someone is struggling and become comfortable with having a conversation in a non-judgmental and supportive way, so that you can promote a productive, engaged, and psychologically healthy workplace.
Learn strategies using the A-L-E-C model for addressing the issue of mental health in a supportive, open and confident way.

  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Health and Safety Reps
  • Union Reps
  • Supervisors, Manager, Directors (Team Leads)
  • Executive Directors Not-For-Profit
  • Business Owners, Entrepreneurs
  • C-Suite

Like you, stress and resiliency expert, Beverly Beuermann-King has seen the concept of wellness and resiliency change and expand. For over 20 years, Beverly has used her S-O-S Principle™ with people and organizations who want to control their reactions to stress, build resiliency against life’s challenges, and live healthy, successful lives. Beverly appreciates that there is not ‘one way’ to deal with our business challenges or build resiliency.

Beverly believes that it is about building a plan that works, and one that is unique to the person and team who builds it.

Beverly launched her company, R ‘n B Consulting, in 1995, and since then she has helped teams from a wide range of industries (including healthcare, education, government agencies, finance, and not-for-profit) to shift from stressed out to resilient, enabling them to be happier, engaged, and successful.

Beverly’s psychology, sociology, management, and adult education background combine to create her Work Smart Live Smart presentations, which are soundly based in research, and are enlightening and inspirational. Audiences discover the right strategies to improve their health, manage their challenges, and enhance their life’s satisfaction using three simple questions.

Beverly is a sought-after media spokesperson and has made over 500 television and radio appearances on shows such as City TV and CBC, and in national publications from the Toronto Star newspaper to Chatelaine magazine. Beverly is a highly respected speaker. Diverse organizations from Enbridge Gas and the Ontario Veterinarian Association, to York Regional Police, and the Elementary Teachers Federation, have partnered with Beverly when they want their teams to have a better grasp on how to combat stress and protect their mental health.  Beverly is one of less than seventy Canadians to have earned their Certified Speaking Professional designation.

Beverly’s ability to connect the theoretical to real life through her stories and humour, help her audiences to move past the challenges and into a world of possibilities.

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