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Join us to examine traditional analysis techniques to recognize their strength and limitations when performing cash flow and financial statement analysis. Then take analysis to the next level by incorporating new measurements and techniques used by managements, investors and others in making assessments about an entity’s success.

  • Apply both new and traditional financial statement and cash flow analysis techniques for specific entities
  • Assess results from various perspectives:  managements, investors, creditors, etc.
  • Use cash flow statements and cash based ratios to find the real meaning behind accrual based data
  • Evaluate debt structure, investment strategy, and quality of earnings
  • Develop best practices and benchmarking procedures

An understanding of financial statement results is crucial to your ability to make the right decisions. Do not make mistakes in operating, investment, and financing decisions. Know how to “get the facts” so you act to best advantage.

  • Accounting Professionals
  • Other Management Executives
  • Investors

Candace Curry Leuck is owner of Athena Finance Group, Inc. specializing in strategic planning, distressed entity recovery, valuations, and educational programs. Athena's mission is to pursue and communicate the information clients need. This is accomplished through a cooperative working relationship. Based on solid strategy, the outcome is an expansion of the opportunities of those served. Candace was associated with Ernst & Young in the tax and then auditing area, serving small, midsized and SEC clients during her tenure. She gained significant experience with various industries including manufacturers, automobile dealerships and securities brokers. Upon leaving Ernst & Young, Candace pursued and obtained her Masters of Professional Accountancy from Clemson University and proceeded to her career in the educational arena, teaching at Clemson University, Furman University, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She returned to Clemson in the Fall of 2006 and remained through Spring of 2012. In addition to undergraduate and graduate education, Candace has developed and taught various continuing education courses in both live format and through webcast technology.

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