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A solid BSA/AML program can account for any suspicious activities, which need to be expunged from the roots before it hinders the entire stability of the SARs. The SAR data consists of high-security data that is very sensitive to threats and suspicious activity.

However, if you take all the time and effort to create a solid monitoring program so you can identify suspicious activity and then report that activity ineffectively, you are defeating all the work you put into reporting it. In this live webinar, participants will learn strategies to write an effective SAR, and also how law enforcement looks at SARs and uses that information.

In this live webinar, attendees will learn:

  • What organizations utilize SAR data?
  • The components of a strong SAR narrative
  • The keywords that law enforcement looks for when reading a SAR narrative
  • The common SAR errors are seen by law enforcement

Attendees will be able to write more effective SARs that will help law enforcement stop criminal activity.

  • Who uses SARs?
  • Proper SAR narrative format
  • Keywords or phrases for each branch of law enforcement
  • Common SAR errors

  • BSA Officers
  • Personnel involved in filing SARs

Nancy E. Lake, Director of Compliance Anchor. She has over 16 years of experience in the BSA/AML world. Nancy was CAMS certified in 2008, received her CAMS-Audit certification in 2013, and her CAMS-FCI certification in 2015. She has served as BSA Officer in multiple community banks where she successfully created and implemented the entire BSA program including one bank with a number of international MSBs. She has conducted bank wide BSA/AML training including Board of Director training. Nancy also speaks at numerous conferences throughout the year here in the U.S. and even overseas. In 2012, Nancy became the founding Director of Compliance Anchor. She is utilizing her BSA experience and 19 years as an educator to provide assistance to financial institutions in the areas of training, risk management, and the development of sound internal programs and best practices.

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