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This one hour webinar will help you understand the steps that must be taken when transitioning assays between different technologies. It will make sure that you have a full understanding of the legacy technology and the current technology and develop a transition plan to make sure results could be easily compared between the two technologies.

The webinar will include the following critical information you will need:

  • Understanding your current assay
  • Validating your new assay technology
  • Creating an assay transfer plan
  • Implementing and performing an assay transfer plan
  • Monitoring the results of assay transfer validation
  • Green-lighting the new technology

Laboratories need a transition of technologies all the time. From new ways to perform assays to outdated technology, to new equipment pushes to the various needs of end users, assays need to switch between technologies on a regular basis. One must be able to easily and robustly transition assays from one technology to another. With this webinar, you will be able to fully understand how your assay is currently running and make a note of what the new technology should be able to work for you. Then you will learn how to slowly get the new technology up and running, validating the quality system, equipment and the assay itself, what you need to understand in the process of transitioning old samples onto the new system and deal with any potential issues. Finally, you will also get trained to develop a validation plan that will allow you to embrace the new technology fearlessly.

  • Senior Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research and Development

Todd Graham is a Masters-level Bench Scientist and Medical Technologist with a host of experience in both the clinical diagnostics and biotechnology fields. Mr. Graham has worked for a number of start-up firms in the clinical diagnostics and biotechnology industries, as well as worked for larger firms within both industries.

Todd has a broad level of expertise in assay development for quality control, pharmaceutical development, and clinical diagnostics. His particular levels of expertise are molecular diagnostics, PCR, ELISA, quality control and training of bench level personnel in clinical diagnostics and biotechnology. He is also in the process of establishing a consultancy that assists academic labs in transitioning their research to industry by verifying and improving the quality of their work.

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