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Many of us repeat tasks with Microsoft Office in our day-to-day work. Wouldn’t it be helpful if the programs provided some features to allow us to automate those tasks? Fortunately, there are many options available. This 60-minute webinar will explore several functions in Microsoft Word and Excel that will save you hours of effort and time.

  • How they can save time copying and pasting multiple pieces of data across documents?
  • How to utilize built-in Excel functionality to enforce consistency when multiple users are entering data?
  • Lesser known options for globally finding and replacing data such as text that changes and formatting and more. 
  • What macros are, why they should be used, and how they can save hours of time and effort?
  • Ways to utilize the building blocks organizer to create boilerplate text 
  • Methods of identifying and removing duplicate data in Excel
  • Flash fill and other methods of combining and separating fields in Microsoft Excel and Word

If you find yourself frustrated by the amount of time you spend on routine tasks in Microsoft Office, you will definitely appreciate this webinar. The training will be delivered using Office 365 (2016) for Windows although, for users of earlier versions, the functionality is available in Office 2010 and 2013.

This webinar will cover: 

  • Shortcuts to streamline copying and pasting.
  • Setting up rules to enforce consistency and utilize drop-down lists through data validation in Microsoft Excel
  • Find and replace settings that most people have never explored
  • How to set up a macro?
  • Creating AutoText entries and Building Blocks to automate document preparation from cover pages to corporate branding to document properties and more.
  • The remove duplicates function in Microsoft Excel and other methods of identifying duplicate data
  • Options for combining and separating data in Word and Excel 

  • Anybody who uses Microsoft Office on a regular basis, and wants to be more efficient and productive
  • Administrative professionals
  • Executive assistants
  • Business owners
  • CEO's / CFO's / CTO's
  • Anybody who regularly inputs data

Marie Herman CAP, OM, ACS, MOSM, conducts seminars and workshops around the world on technology and professional development topics. She leads online study groups for a variety of certification programs, including the Certified Administrative Professional exam and the Microsoft Office Specialist Master program. She writes a regular feature in Executive Secretary Magazine and has hosted multiple #adminchats.

She worked as an administrative professional for several decades, with past positions including support of the chief technology officer of the Fermi National Accelerator Lab and the Chairman Emeritus of ServiceMaster, a Fortune 1000 company. She has been a member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) since 1997, serving in a variety of leadership and other roles. In addition to being a Certified Administrative Professional with an Organizational Management specialty, she is also a Microsoft Office Specialist, certified at the master level in multiple versions of Microsoft Office.

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