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Join this session by expert speaker Carl Young to understand the complete context of payroll rules and administration made simple. It starts with the basic classification of workers properly classified as Contractors or Workers. The webinar will include a simple understanding of rules and administration of payroll to include: determining employees vs contractors, guidelines & payment of contractors. Definition of workers as either employees or contractors and the governing guidelines of determination. Specific IRS criteria established for contractors. Employees are identified as exempt or non-exempt, proper payment of exempts & non-exempts, proper payment of overtime and bonuses explored as per the guidelines of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). All relevant payroll laws, guidelines, policies examined to ensure proper classification and payment of all workers.

Proper classification of workers as contractors or employeesProper classification of employees as exempt or non-exempt under new rulesImportance of job description in the implementation of new rulesProper implementation of FLSA rulesProper payment of exempt and non-exempt under FLSA rulesAchieving perfection and prevention consistent with the implementation of FLSA rules The overall goal of perfection and prevention in payroll administrationIdentifying workers as contractors vs. employeesIdentifying employees as exempt from overtime using FLSA rules in the categories ofo    Executiveo    Administrationo    Professionalo    Computer professionalso    SalesSalary and duties test under FLSA for exempt employeesThe value of the job description and its proper preparationConsideration of record-keeping, accounting & reporting, policies & proceduresProper payment to newly classified exempt and those that by default fall to the non-exempt categoryHow to handle non-discretionary bonuses consistent with paying overtime and the new overtime rules?Achieving perfection & prevention in payroll consistent with new rules

Payroll is the most important aspect of any business. It leads to employee morale. It must be perfect and comply with all the rules and established policies. This webinar examines all the payroll rules of the FLSA and how to implement them to achieve perfection. It further outlines the policies needed by companies to augment FLSA rules & policies. It is a simple approach to payroll rules and administration guaranteed to give attendees a good working knowledge of payroll rules & administration in a simple to understand and apply tools & techniques. 

The webinar will focus on the employee classification and the payroll for the exempt and non-exempt employees in compliance with the FLSA rules and the significant changes the FDA has made in the rules. Apart from this, various aspects with the implementation of these laws and its effects will also be taken care of. Along with this, the overtime salary rules encompassing the exempt and non-exempt classes will be covered as well.

HR personnelPR personnelSupervisorsManagersControllersPlanning & budgeting professionalsAll positions involved in personnel or payroll administration and the supervision of personnel

Carl Young is the owner of Carl Young Consulting, where he works as a turn-around consultant and business coach. Mr. Young is the former Chief Accountant and CFO of a $275M high growth technology company. Mr. Young has published numerous books on finance and accounting, including Finance and Accounting Made Simple and Rules and Tools for Thriving in Chaotic Times. Mr. Young earned his MBA in Accounting & Taxation. 

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