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Today’s complex business environments require adaptable leaders who can demonstrate the ability to harness and control multiple leadership styles. The concept of Signature Leadership explores effective ways in which one may adapt to the circumstances and blend an array of styles to fit the proper scenario or situation at hand.

Is your organization stuck in a circular pattern where problem resolution is always met by the one-size-fits-all approach? How do you get your leadership team to break away from the monotonous Autocratic vs. Transformational leadership debate? This interactive presentation will help you understand the roles and responsibilities needed to take on leadership and supervisory roles in terms of  workplace productivity and conflict resolution. You’ll leave this session with practical tips on how to respond and adapt your leadership style to the specific needs of the situation, rather than just reacting to it.

  • Brief introduction/summary of leadership styles
  • Common challenges of organizational leadership
  • Transitioning to leadership/supervisory roles
  • Rules and regulations pertaining to leadership roles
  • Decision-making and conflict resolution
  • Preventing a hostile workplace environment

Employees seeking promotion or requiring leadership/supervisory training

Dr. Julio Birman was educated in Argentina and the United States. He has been a post-secondary educator since 1990 and a Higher Educational Administrator since 2012. His professional experience includes language and cross-cultural business training, as well as Marketing, Creative Services, and Educational Management. Dr. Birman holds degrees in English, Digital Media, Communications, Adult Education, and Educational Leadership. Over the years, he has made significant contributions to various international educational institutions, non-profit organizations, small to medium size businesses, and Fortune500 corporations.

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