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Our current business environment is chaotic and constantly changing, mainly due to technology and other prevailing forces. Controllers are often too heavily focused on "numbers" and running the company by the numbers rather than with the numbers. This session focuses on the soft side of the business, and how controllers can become effective as strategic partners rather than mere super accountants as many do that is elevated to controller positions from lesser finance or accounting positions.

  • Analysis of information for decision making
  • How to focus on information vs. reports?
  • How to focus on key business drivers and key success factors?
  • Communication of financial information to non-financial professionals
  • Becoming a trusted partner and un-trusting official at the same time
  • Obsessively focusing on customers costs & cash
  • Providing cost-effective services
  • Becoming a strategic partner
  • Primary areas focus on becoming an effective controller as a strategic partner with a focus on relationships, leadership, and the soft side of the business rather than solely on accounting and reporting of financial information. The major theme is running the company with the numbers and not by the numbers
  • Leadership skills

This webinar looks at the changing role of controllers in the current turbulent business world. It bends the arch away from the recording and reporting of the past and looks to the future and the creating of relationships and effective leadership.

  • Controller’s expanded role in turbulent times
  • Leadership tools & techniques
  • How to become a trusted partner and an un-trusting official at the same time?
  • How to obsessively focus on customers, cost, and cash as key success factors?
  • How to manage and control the cash to cash cycle?
  • How to run the company with, and not by the numbers?
  • How to provide preferred financial information?
  • Key ratios and trends
  • Use of rolling forecasts vs. traditional budgeting
  • Essential elements of internal controls

  • Controllers
  • Assistant controllers
  • Accounting & finance managers/supervisors
  • Any financial or accounting professional seeking to become controllers
  • Any financial professional seeking to understand the changing role of controllers in chaotic times
  • Any non-financial professionals seeking to understand the changing role of controllers in changing and chaotic times

Carl Young is the owner of Carl Young Consulting, where he works as a turn-around consultant and business coach. Mr. Young is the former Chief Accountant and CFO of a $275M high growth technology company. Mr. Young has published numerous books on finance and accounting, including Finance and Accounting Made Simple and Rules and Tools for Thriving in Chaotic Times. Mr. Young earned his MBA in Accounting & Taxation. 

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