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The manufacturing of solid dosage is normally a batch process, but there are several issues such as high cost of capital equipment, high cost of labor, and needed infrastructure. Along with these, constraints the quality is not tested during the manufacturing and only done at the end of the process. To make the manufacturing process more efficient and minimize the quality issues, continuous manufacturing is being considered and implemented now in the industry with several benefits. The opportunities and limitations of continuous manufacturing of solid dosage forms are presented

  • Learn Batch process limitations
  • Learn how you can minimize quality issues
  • Improve the efficiency of your product by understanding the technology and controls available at your disposal

  • To keep up with advances in manufacturing with changing paradigm that the industry is going through
  • Learn what are some of the considerations you must contemplate before considering the advantages and limitations in continuous manufacturing

Solid dosage manufacturing, integrated hybrid unit operations US FDA viewpoint

Formulation and Process development Scientists, plant operation Managers and Directors, Senior Management of major pharmaceutical, and Generic companies, and Quality department personnel

Dilip M. Parikh is the president of the pharmaceutical technology devel­opment and consulting group DP­harma Group Inc. Parikh has more than 45 years of experience in product develop­ment, manufacturing, plant opera­tions, and process engineering at various major pharmaceutical companies in Canada and the U.S. Before starting DPharma Group, he held the position of vice president of operations and technology at Synthon Pharmaceuticals in North Carolina and vice president and general manager at Atlantic Pharmaceuti­cals Services in Maryland. 

He is the editor of “Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology” 3rd ed., and the author of the recently published book “How to Optimize fluid bed Process Technology” has authored several book chapters and articles on various pharma­ceutical technologies, including quality by design, pro­cess assessment, and contract manufacturing. He has been an invited speaker at scientific conferences world­wide on solid-dosage technologies development and manufacturing.

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