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The American Institute of Stress reported in 2011 that 80 percent of workers feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress and 42 percent say their co-workers need such help. Modern society has to lead to a life of distractions and long hours; other research indicates that the average attention span is 8-11 seconds. Today’s challenges and competitive environment are leading to burnout and lost productivity. Stress, mental health issues, and even suicides are on the rise but now folks have the opportunity to overcome these stressors. 

The Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini says, “It’s critical to invest in the human-machine in trying to eliminate stressors to build resiliency. In our world, the only thing that’s going to happen with change is that it’s going to get faster and the organizations that have capable people need to have them be resilient to be able to make it and change, adapt and move forward. Part of creating change in an organization is creating this resiliency.”

Learn how to develop a resilience skills training program to manage stress, enhance communications, and promote peak performance for individuals, teams, and organizations.

  • Understand resilience definitions
  • Identify resilience skills
  • Manage tough emotions in self and others
  • Strategize how to help employee’s adversity
  • Develop a plan to build a more resilient organization

Reduce stress burnout and conflicts in the workplace while increasing productivity, health, and job satisfaction

  • What is resilience?
  • Why resilience solves problems?
  • 3 resilient skills
  • Managing tough emotions
  • Growing and thriving during adversity
  • Motivation/culture and leadership (how to build resilient organizations)

  • Sales Managers/directors
  • Customer service center 
  • IT support centers
  • Behavioral health centers 
  • Hospital staff
  • HR directors 
  • Training mangers

Erik has graduate degree in Performance Psychology from the University of Denver in 2010, and is a master resilience trainer from University of Pennsylvania. For 6 years he worked as a consultant for the US military teaching resilience training and designing mental training programs for soldiers to create high-performing teams. This work includes leadership development and training with high-ranking leaders, infantry units, special operations, and Apache pilots.

Erik is currently the CEO and Executive Trainer at SatiMind LLC where his experience includes training doctors, nurses, health clinics and businesses across the US. Erik's mission is to help empower individuals to practice the power of resilience skills training within their organizations to reduce stress, enhance communication & increase leadership effectiveness.

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