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The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) controls the experience mod for 36t states around the country. Several other states with independent rating bureaus follow the NCCI experience rating method. 

NCCI has proposed substantial changes to their experience rating calculation beginning in 2024 that will impact all experience-rated businesses in these states. 

This webinar will dig into the calculation of the experience mod, what is changing, and how it may impact your business. 

We will look at the specific elements of the experience rating calculation that are changing to build an understanding of how these elements impact your company’s experience mod and how you can work to improve it. 

  • The basics of the NCCI Experience Mod Calculation
  • The elements of the mod that are changing
  • The impact of these changes
  • Walking through hypothetical examples of how different mods may change as a result of these modifications to the calculation

The changes that will go into effect in the states where the workers’ comp system is governed by NCCI in 2024 will impact every experience-rated business. 

While these changes will have a modest impact on most businesses, understanding these changes will help you prepare for that impact in 2024 and beyond. 

Attendees of this webinar will walk away with a better understanding of the fundamentals of the NCCI experience rating process and the changes coming in 2024. You’ll understand how these changes could impact your business and avoid a negative surprise.

  • Anyone in a position to be responsible for workers' compensation in their business
  • CEO, CFO, HR

Kevin joined the Institute of WorkComp Professionals in 2003 after a stint managing systems for a mid-sized manufacturing company. A licensed P&C agent, Kevin has an affinity for making the technical simple. He is especially adept at unraveling experience mods, premium audits, and classifications.

His technical workers’ comp skills have helped Certified WorkComp Advisors through sticky situations (including analyzing an 84-page mod sheet), and he’s constantly working with Advisors to deepen their knowledge of Workers' & Comp.

Kevin has analyzed more than 1200 experience mod worksheets, finding and fixing errors for Certified Advisors and their clients. Because of his experience working with Advisors and analyzing mods, he has been involved in designing multiple pieces of experience mod analysis software. He also directed the development and production of the Locked and Loaded workers’ comp course, the Institute’s first program designed for employers.

Kevin has had articles featured and been quoted in insurance trade magazines such as Rough Notes and Insurance Journal, as well as numerous general industry trades.

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