William Gamble


William Gamble, Lawyer, Author, and Cyber Security consultant. Spoken around the world, Authored 4 books and a variety of articles. JD, LLM, A+, Network+, Security+, CASP+, LI LA ISO 27001, GDPR. Former member of many state and federal bars. One of the few Attorneys with advanced cyber security and network certifications, with over 20 years of experience in global regulatory environments working across disciplines to optimize collaboration to increase the effectiveness of logical, management, legal, and physical controls for protecting any corporate assets from cyber thieves, plaintiffs or government regulators both in the US and abroad. Persuasive, self-motivated, entrepreneurial leadership professional with extensive expertise in both law, regulation, technology, and finance to support companies; determining the most cost-effective way to protect customer property, privacy, and brand loyalty; leverage the legal and technological expertise to understand the risk and ensure that information infrastructure remains available, secure and compliant with regulatory mandates. The real in-depth legal analysis does not check the box with the ability to map new regulatory mandates to technical controls. A loyal, tactical team builder and risk manager seeking to utilize his cross-discipline background to enhance the effectiveness of information security in a progressive organization. Multilingual: Fluent in French with Russian, Spanish, and Italian ability.