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Susan Forster

Susan Forster is the founder of Positivitywork and is a highly experienced human resource expert. She works across industries to deliver organizational culture change consulting, leadership and employee development, and executive coaching services. Ms. Forster speaks on many topics related to personal and corporate transformation.

Ms. Forster began her career working for a large utility in the San Francisco Bay Area, and many of her clients are in utilities and government. In addition, Ms. Forster's experience includes working as an independent consultant and an employee. As a result, she uses her informed perspective to assess how cultural issues impact the workplace.

From 2005-2015, while working as an employee, Ms. Forster witnessed the increasing cultural acceptance of harmful and aggressive conduct rising in workplaces. She analyzed the factors for this and developed a CORE(tm) Program to transform destructive aggression into stellar performance.

Her current focus for culture upgrade is for a leader to recognize "What You Permit You Promote" and broaden that mindset to "Prevent Now/Respond Quickly/or Pay Later."  

Ms. Forster has a master's degree in Education from Boston University and earned two international Human Resource Certifications. In addition, she has many certifications to stay current with workplace issues, including Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Trauma, Shame, Positive Psychology, and Happiness in the Workplace.

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