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Solveiga Jaskunas

Solveiga Jaskunas is a seasoned HR professional and career coach with over fifteen years of experience in nonprofit and for-profit organizations. She holds dual master’s degrees, in Industrial Psychology and Human Resources Management, as well as PHR and SHRM-CP certifications. As an immigrant to the United States, she overcame language barriers and numerous rejections before climbing the HR ladder to senior leadership roles. Her journey motivated her to mentor fellow immigrants and to start her own consultancy, which focuses on professional coaching, outplacement services, and diversity training. A graduate of DC SHRM's Senior Leadership program, Solveiga's passion lies in coaching immigrant professionals and in helping employers to make their workplaces more inclusive. She has also dedicated her time to aiding refugees, homeless children, and at-risk youth. Her story has reached a broader audience through speaking engagements domestically and internationally, in which she has shared her personal journey, offering hope and encouragement to other immigrant professionals. Her recent speaking event at the Expat Women Event reached participants from 60 countries.  She will be a keynote speaker at the Global HR Summit in Istanbul.  Solveiga was recently featured in Security Magazine, as one of three leaders with distinct LinkedIn communication styles.

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