Richard Barr


Richard Barr holds a B.S. in International Business Administration from San Jose State University in California. Richard has a massive wealth of experience in working, consulting and training on settlement, operations, payment, custody and related issues.  His professional experience spans more than 30 years, with the first 5 spent with Wells Fargo Bank. He also worked for Mercantile Discount Bank.  Several years were spent honing his global banking skills, when Richard was intimately involved with International Trade Finance, Real Time Gross Settlement and Cross Border Banking. Since then, Richard has been in the private and high-tech sectors providing high-level consulting services, business analysis, project management and training to a wide range of banking clientele across the globe. 

He has spent extensive time servicing a diversity of “financial institutional” clients, in South Africa, Mongolia, United Arab Emirates, China, Philippines, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Ireland, Netherlands, Greece, Bermuda, Malawi, United Kingdom and across North America. Clients that Richard and his business have dealt with include AIB Bank, Eurobank, ABSA Bank, Citibank, Swedbank, INDEbank, IBM, PayPal, Montran and Fundtech, as well as many others. Furthermore, key staff members from the Bank of England, South African Reserve Bank, Central Bank of Ireland, Bank Indonesia, Central Bank of Kuwait and Bank of Portugal and other central banks have attended training sessions presented by Richard.