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Ralph Ward

Ralph Ward is an internationally-recognized speaker, writer, and advisor on the role of boards of directors, how “benchmark” boards excel, setting personal boardroom goals, and the future of governance worldwide.  
Ward is publisher of the online newsletter Boardroom INSIDER, the worldwide source for practical, first-hand tips for better boards and directors (  He also edits The Corporate Board magazine ( the nation's leading corporate governance journal, with subscribers who are directors and senior officers across the U.S. and in 27 foreign countries.
He is author of six acclaimed books on board and governance for today’s corporate boards, the challenges they face, and the answers they need to excel: • Board Seeker Guidebook (2018) • Boardroom Q&A (2011) • The New Boardroom Leaders (2008) • Saving the Corporate Board (2003) • Improving Corporate Boards (2000) • 21st Century Corporate Board (1997)

Live Webinars


By: Ralph Ward

June 3, 2024

Effective Boardroom Leadership

Across the world, business cultures have the important topic of board leadership exactly backward. For most jobs, we vet candidates based on their experience, training, and previous success for a …

Industry: HR Compliance   Duration: 60 Minutes   Time: 12:00 PM PDT | 03:00 PM EDT



By: Ralph Ward

Recorded Session

“Board Friendly” Risk and Controls Oversight

The corporate board of directors is a group of well-meaning, part-time amateurs, trying to monitor, control and assure the work of the full-time professional managers who actually run the corporat…

Industry: HR Compliance   Duration: 75 Minutes