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Mitch Byers

During his 9 years in third-party IT recruiting, Mitch completed his MBA from Texas A&M, Commerce. Shortly thereafter, he transitioned into Human Resources - and quickly took on leading talent management and cultural initiatives. Along his journey, he recognized a need for real strategies – a template or a map, if you will, for managers to use as they faced everyday challenges – how to communicate tough decisions, how to listen to a complaint without getting into an argument, how to objectively hire the right person, how to properly prioritize resources, how to ensure employee engagement and drive retention.

Targeting these common leadership challenges led to the creation of training and development programs for all employees with the spotlight on empowering leaders to lead – and lead with courage and commitment – and inspiring excellence in their circles of influence. 

Mitch is the published author and over the past 10 years has shared his best practices with numerous leaders, professional groups and universities. He has been a speaker at Fort Worth’s HR Southwest Conference multiple years and has delivered training to software, medical, packaging and educational organizations.

Mitch is a graduate from the Dallas-based Stagen Leadership Academy, an intense 52-week leadership program. Melding together academics and practical experiences, Mitch has developed a 15-module series entitled “Working Better Together.” The Working Better Together series surfaces many common leadership and communication pitfalls. As you will experience today, he addresses them head-on with practical and sound advice. In each session, he provides a roadmap for clarity and success.

Thanks you for participating today in our session, Two Communication Strategies to Stay Connected. Let’s get started. Please welcome Mitch Byers.

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