Kevin Salcido


Kevin Salcido is a retired human resources executive. His most recent role was as the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Arizona State University. Kevin was an HR leader for over 35 years. Early in his career, Kevin had a senior personnel role with a major retail chain in Phoenix and spent time as the Southwest Region HR Manager for the Pepsi-Cola Company. Salcido then became the Vice President of Human Resources at Central Newspapers, Inc., a national media and information company that operated seven newspapers including The Arizona Republic and the Indianapolis Star News.

Salcido was then the Senior Director of Labor and Employee Relations and Workforce Development at Arizona Public Service before joining ASU in 2007. Kevin is a speaker and author of the Amazon bestselling Your Afternoon Mentor – a book targeted to early career professionals seeking to learn about getting noticed for an executive job, transitioning to a senior role, and making a leadership career last over time. Kevin’s passion is developing potential in others. He uses clear language, anecdotes, real-life examples, and brief, thought-provoking exercises with his audience. He is more of a facilitator than a lecturer and has an accessible speaking style. He believes the best learning comes when group members share their common experiences with the topic at hand. Kevin’s other major areas of interest include employee and labor relations, organizational development, building performance cultures, creating inclusive work environments, and leadership coaching.

Kevin holds a B.S. in Justice Studies and an MBA from Arizona State University. His non-professional interests include travel, hiking, golfing, rafting and anything else outdoor-related. He is also a licensed private pilot. He lives in his native Phoenix with his wife, Toni.