Jonathan Halls


Author Jonathan Halls has an unconventional approach to talent development and leadership, forged over three decades working in 25 countries.  He believes there are no simple formulas because life simply isn’t like that.  He questions many of the fads that fuel organizational culture because realistically, there isn’t anything new under the sun.  And he believes the secret to leading lies in understanding people - how they think, their motivation and the circumstances that affect them.  Speaking, teaching, coaching and consulting on change, leadership, communication, innovation and digital media, he has helped executives, managers and supervisors lead and change organizations, build stronger teams and workforces and nurture true innovation.  With a background in talent development and corporate training, he spent his first two decades working with media organizations doing digital transformation.  Now based in the United States, he has spent the last ten years helping organizations across various sectors do change, digitization and improve leadership skills.  Jonathan is author of 5 books and has written hundreds of articles on communication, change, innovation, learning, digital media, training and leadership.