Januarie Wood


Januarie Wood is an award-winning speaker and international trainer. She has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX news programs for her work in stress management, weight release, and related topics and has spoken for the following organizations:

Kansas City School Board

Tusculum College

Cal Polly State University

Justice Jewelers

Wichita State University

AHP Corp

Various Chambers of Commerce

and more

Featured articles written about Januarie's work can be found in Business Journals, 417 Magazine, The News Leader, Today's Woman, and others.

As a certified Seshim Reiki master and energy expert, she uses a variety of techniques to help clients transmute blocks that hold them back from experiencing the life they desire. She is the creator of MindMeditations, a highly-effective, multi-layered tool for change.

Januarie is also a HighVibe practitioner, communication specialist, hypnotherapist, and a certified life coach. She specializes in helping her clients understand and manifest their life purpose and live from a higher place.

As an international entrepreneur, Januarie offers intensive custom mentoring packages. Januarie speaks and conducts workshops internationally and resides in the Seattle WA area.