Gerry McLaughlin


Gerry McLaughlin Ms. IR, is the author of "Negotiating The Labor Agreement” His experience covers 40 years of successfully negotiating over 500+ labor contracts in varied industries as Executive Director and Vice President for Fortune 100 Companies, and in areas, such as but not limited to, Manufacturing, Distribution, Telecom, Retail, Healthcare & Senior Care, Food Services, Housekeeping & Facilities.

He has negotiated with over 20 National and Local Unions, trained 1000’s Managers in “Managing a Union Workforce", “Negotiating The Labor Agreement”, “Your Employees Are Organizing A Union”, and Collective Bargaining as well as Union Avoidance and Employee Relations issues. He knows and fully understands: 

  • How to build and maintain successful relationships with Union Leaders locally and nationally
  • Maintain and/or Develop existing Managements Rights to ensure the unfettered Right “to run your business” to ensure successful Workplace policies
  • Develop and/or protect consistent Contract language. He consistently ensures that clients' expectations are often exceeded


HR Compliance
By:Gerry McLaughlin
90 Minutes