Eric Edelsberg


Eric Edelsberg is the Vice President of CultureFit Technology Staffing. CultureFit is a boutique recruiting firm that specializes in technology and marketing roles from Chicago to Milwaukee. He has partnered with upwards of 400 organizations and has placed 1,000 candidates successfully. Edelsberg and team were mentioned as one of the best-recruiting firms by Expertise in 2021 with their standards of practice and market knowledge being their differentiating factors. CultureFit staffs a breadth of mid to senior-level jobs in technology and marketing ranging from data scientists to user experience designers, from cloud specialists to project managers, and the list goes on. With Edelsberg at the helm, CultureFit is becoming synonymous with technology, success, and Chicago. Edelsberg has been with CultureFit for over seven years during which he has spearheaded incredible year-over-year growth through ambitious and aggressive business solutions.


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By:Eric Edelsberg
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