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Elizabeth Libby Snelson

Elizabeth Snelson represents medical staffs across the country, focusing on medical staff bylaws, and works for medical societies on medical staff issues. A frequent speaker on medical staff legal issues, Ms Snelson presents at medical staff leadership retreats, and in programs sponsored by state medical staff services associations and medical societies, the American Medical Association, the American Bar Association, and other organizations.  She is Past President of the American Society of Medical Association Counsel, Vice President of the ABA’s Physician Issues Interest Group, and serves Of Counsel to the Minneapolis law firm of Lockridge Grindal Nauen.  She was a member of the Joint Commission’s MS 01.01.01 Task Force.   Her articles on medical staff legal issues have appeared in various publications.  She is the author of The Physicians’ Guide to Medical Staff Organization Bylaws, published by AMA, the Massachusetts Medical Society’s Model Medical Staff Bylaws and other model medical staff documents. 

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