Drew Stevens


Dr. Drew Stevens NSSA Certified is an international financial educator for individuals seeking to optimize and understand retirement. Drew Stevens works with individuals who grapple with finances and transforms them into wealthy professionals with the liquidity and lifestyle they desire to live with profound longevity to create a legacy.

Dr. Stevens began on Wall Street, gaining his vast knowledge of financial markets and investments. His 37 years of experience enables him to create a holistic plan for every individual, helping to maximize income and mitigate risk while never running out of retirement money.

Dr. Stevens wrote 15 books including his latest

How to Understand Social Security: Strategies for Claiming and Optimizing Your Income Plan and over 5500 articles to stimulate others to increase their knowledge and awareness of the financial markets. He holds licenses in 7 states enacting as a fiduciary for his clients. Dr. Stevens is a well-known international keynote speaker, workshop provider, and media host.