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Dr. Laura McGuire

Dr. Laura McGuire is the founder of the National Center for Equity and Agency. She has worked as an instructor, presenter, educator, consultant, and trainer. Her experience includes both public and private sectors, middle schools, high schools, and university settings. In 2015, she served as the first Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Program Manager at the University of Houston, and in 2017, she became the first Victim Advocate/Prevention Educator at the US Merchant Marine Academy. Dr. McGuire lives the United States, where she works as a full-time consultant and expert witness.

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By: Dr. Laura McGuire

Recorded Session

Evolving from #MeToo – Sexual Harassment Prevention in 2019

With sexual harassment cases costing business tens of thousands and bringing in over a hundred million dollars in legal fees the cost is both fiscal and social. In this session we will explore the…

Industry: HR Compliance   Duration: 60 Minutes