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Carolyn Riggins

Carolyn Riggins - Founder/Owners at CDR Consulting Services, Business and Management Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Coach, Author. She has more than 35 years of encounter in the financial industry with First Florida Bank, Barnett Bank, Mercantile Bank, and TD Bank. At TD Bank, Ms. Riggins was driving and growing her client’s base relationship by $71 million through indispensable commerce development, training her employees in customer service, and repeatedly coaching on sales. Ms. Riggins represented multiple capacity levels of management roles regarding several banks in her career path. Under her leadership, she was qualified for a vocation as an Assistant Vice President Store Manager, Vice President Hub Manager, and Vice President Retail Area Manager.

In these various leadership positions, Ms. Riggins was successful in managing lower-level employees to mid-level managers by leading, developing, and training to achieve sales revenue growth, deposit growth, customer growth, lending growth, and focusing on compliance. In addition, a component of her portfolio was lending to businesses starting with the initial interviewing process, reviewing financial documents, and closing loans.

As a consultant, she specializes in and supplies financial management expertise services equipping management through problematic issues. She works with many owners and leaders of companies to become aware of daily protocols to avoid any financial or management gaps.  Also, she provides training on compliance matters and identifies financial gaps for start-up companies up to $5 million companies in revenue sales. In addition, Miss Riggins uses her Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Management and Organizational Leadership from St. Petersburg College as well as her Business Consultant training from the International Association of Professional Career College to assist numerous companies and non-profit companies to accomplish the goals of improvement in all aspects of operating a company. Her final goal for CDR Consulting Services is to continue to prepare, educate, and coach management continually by using her expertise daily to change, transform, and impact companies to reach their goals.

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