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Brenda Neckvatal

Brenda is a practicing Human Resource professional and business consultant. She has worked for five Fortune 500 corporations, consulted to over 450 c-suite executives, and led the reformation of HR infrastructure within 400 small businesses. In 2016 she became a volunteer as an executive coach with The Honor Foundation, establishing a solid reputation in the Navy SEAL community, and developed a deep understanding of the SEAL mindset. She discovered that SEALs did not possess basic business acumen upon exiting their naval career. 

In January 2017, she started Phase II, a small 501(c)(3) organization that provides pro bono business consulting and wellness support to the SEAL community. Her exposure to the varying physical and neurological needs of these elite combat veterans allows her the opportunity to educate all veterans of their rights under Americans with Disabilities Act (post naval career), as well as alternative naturopathic treatments to the Naval Special Warfare community. 

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