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Anita Powell-Tinney

Anita D. Tinney, Esq. is the Principal Consultant at ELRA "The Employee and Labor Relations Academy" ELRA is a consulting firm focused on training and best practices in Employee Relations, Labor Relations, HR Compliance, Workplace Investigations, Preventative and Proactive Labor Relations and Organized Labor.after twenty-two years in the private sector as an internal consultant in HR, Operations and Employee and Labor Relations. Ms. Anita has had a very successful career in Employee Relations, Labor Relations, at some of the largest Fortune 100 Companies in the world, including Merck & Co., Inc., Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters, Comcast Cable and AmerisourceBergen Corporation.  She has extensive experience in all facets of Employee and Labor Relations in both U.S and Global ER/LR markets. Ms. Anita holds a B. S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from Hampton University and an Employment and Labor Law degree from Temple University, is Six Sigma certified, certified Mediator, certified Corporate Trainerand certified EEO Investigator.

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