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Tonia Morris

Tonia Morris is the Founder of Simply HR, LLC, which is a management and an HR consulting firm specializing in Millennial and Multi-Generation training and culture transformation.

Tonia has spent over 30 years in the Human Resource profession focusing on organization development and culture transformation. Tonia has designed best practices and developed and facilitated training for organizations such as Chick Fil la, Sherwin Williams, Oracles and Universities across the SE. Tonia has also worked in many industries such as Government, Retail, Information Technology, Financial Services and Education where she was instrumental in their cultural transformation.

Tonia’s passion is to help organization bridge their generational gap and develop cultures that are compassion friendly of each generation. She is known to many as the Generational Connector and is also the author of Compassion@work.

Live Webinars

Industry: HR Compliance

Duration: 60 Minutes

Date: 2019-09-19

Time: 10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST

This session is design to provide best practices on how to transition from a peer to boss effectively.  In this session you we will discuss some of the challenges of becoming a boss and supervising coworkers you used to work with.  We will also discover what steps are needed to gain the respect in the new role of supervisory.


Industry: HR Compliance

Duration: 60

Recorded Session

This workplace harassment prevention training will provide participants with an overview of harassment in the workplace.  In today’s workplace many employees are unsure what is considered workplace harassment.  The session will provide examples of what is considered harassment and steps for avoiding harassment in the workplace. 

Industry: HR Compliance

Duration: 60 Minutes

Recorded Session

Onboarding new employees is a topic often talked about but never done the right way. Many confuse onboarding with new hire orientation. Although new hire orientation is necessary, employee onboarding process is an important ingredient to retaining employees.

Many organizations that utilize employee onboarding process still find it very difficult to retain employees. In this session participants will learn how important it is to engage a multi generational diversity in the workplace. It is a fact that each generation has different work expectations and different needs and desires.

This webinar will cover what is important to each generation and how onboarding new employees is the key to making sure that the needs and work expectations are met.