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The only constant in life is change. Cliché, but true. And the only thing we can control is how we adapt, how resilient we become, and how willing we are to move before we feel ready.

Remaining agile in the workplace is what differentiates one organization’s ability to grow and succeed from another. And as one of the important lessons learned while navigating Covid explains, you have to learn how to fly the airplane when it’s already in the air. It’s about finding stability within a time of instability, and learning how to remain unflappable - find the calm amidst the chaos - in an effort to take back your power.

In this session, you will learn what it means to be agile, the differences between 'doing agile’ versus 'being agile,’ and how to adopt the agile mindset. You will explore the benefits of remaining agile, for you and your organization. And you will discover why it’s time to step up for yourself and communicate your needs. As an administrative professional, you have a unique perspective on how your organization functions, and therefore have an integral role to play. It’s time to gain the confidence to show up, speak up, and step into the leader you are.

  • Learn the characteristics that make up the Agile mindset, the Agile team, and why it matters
  • Explore the big Bravery Barriers that may be getting in your way
  • Unleash your inner leader, and gain confidence to speak up and advocate for your needs
  • Gain clarity on what is, and what isn’t, within your control, and understand how to remain unflappable
  • Discover tangible strategies you can employ come Monday morning

Navigating within a post-pandemic world requires a new set of skills. Resilience, vision, and agility. Workplaces need to create a culture where change is not to be feared but to make comfortable.

Employees and employees alike are afraid of change. And yet the only constant changes. It’s time to learn what it means to adopt the agile mindset, which is exactly what you are going to learn in this session.

  • HR Professionals
  • Mid-level Management
  • Directors and Managers

Founder of The Brave Initiative, Carol has been empowering international audiences for almost a decade. She holds a BFA in Theatre Performance, an MA in Communication, and two postgraduate certificates in coaching and mentoring. She has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, International Associations, and thousands of individuals to 'get their brave on!' Whether it be asking for a raise or promotion, nailing a presentation, or climbing Africa’s highest peak, her clients attribute her insights and inspiration to achieving what they never thought possible.

She is also the creator of a new community, Brave Beyond Diagnosis, empowering women living with mental health illnesses.

Having lived in 16 countries, including Ashrams in India and vans in New Zealand, shaved her head, and bungee jumped in her birthday suit, Carol walks her talk and brings a global perspective to all she does. Multi-passionate, she’s also a volunteer counselor, triathlete, and serious carpool karaoke-er!

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