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This session is built off of years of experience and partnerships with some of the largest global enterprises in the world. From my experience in recruitment and talent acquisition - this session will have an in-depth look at two major sections of recruitment.
The first section will look at the latest trends and habits in the workforce. I’ll identify the upcoming practices, expectations, and tools that have been identified as the most important and high priority in the future workforce. In addition, I will also break down growing industries, professions, and markets.

I’ll go one step further and look at the professions, skills, and markets that are in decline and share some insights into how those skills are being parlayed into the evolving workplace.

In the second section, we’ll explore four specific strategic areas in which you can establish your competitive advantage in your team, department, and company. In this session, we’ll look at how you can improve and utilize your recruitment processes for a more effective and efficient hiring cycle. Then, I’ll share recruitment methods and resources to help aid in the success of your recruitment.

Afterward, we’ll take a look at the projects and initiatives in your company. How are you setting yourself apart from your competition in your events, projects, initiatives-anything with a beginning and an end? In terms of recruitment - this might be recruitment events, marketing campaigns for candidates, or upskilling projects in schools. What are you doing to set yourself apart?

Lastly, we’ll look at roles. This is the role that people play in the team, the role the team plays in the organization, and the role the organization plays in the industry/community. How are you writing your job descriptions? We’ll look at some innovations to create and redefine roles for success in your recruitment.

The entire session aims to give you a strategic action plan to establish an improved recruitment plan for your team

  • Upskill recruitment practices
  • Enhance their recruitment methods
  • Gain insight into market trends in the world of recruitment

People should attend this webinar if they are looking to recruit talent in 2024. This could be because of vacancy refills or new positions opening up in the organization. Recruiters, hiring managers, and business owners who are in a position to hire new talent and foresee a need to hire new talent in the upcoming year would benefit from these insights. This is for hiring managers, recruiters, talent acquisition, HR, or business owners who are looking to upskill their recruitment practices, enhance their recruitment methods, and gain insight into market trends in the world of recruitment

  • Vice President HR
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Recruiter
  • Business Owner
  • Hiring Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Manager

Amber Vanderburg is a multi-award-winning international businessperson, keynote speaker, author, and founder of the international learning development company, The Pathways Group. This global organization has led 800,000+ learners in more than 75 countries in action-focused leadership and team development learning journeys. Amber's history in talent development includes talent development for the Adidas Gameday Academy and Paris Saint Germain Academy in Bangalore, India, authoring top-reviewed online learning courses for platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, Lecturio, and PluralSight, and acting as HR Director of Paradigm Shift Leadership. In 2022, she published her first business adventure book "Uniquely Better" about building higher team performance. Vanderburg has a MA in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Oklahoma and is on an ardent journey to find the best ice cream in the world.

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