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A Roadmap for an Effective Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) System to identify and solve compliance Issues to improve business operations (continuously). Corrective and preventive action (CAPA) refers to changes made to an organization's processes to eliminate the causes of nonconformities or other undesirable situations.
A fundamental part of every manager's role is finding ways to solve problems. Being a confident problem solver is important to your success. If you have a good process to use when approaching a problem, you can solve problems quickly and effectively. Without one, your solutions may be ineffective, or you'll get stuck and do nothing, with sometimes painful consequences.  There are several variants for applying corrective actions to problem-solving. Which CAPA System will work best for you?

  • What is an 8-D? a 7 Step? a 5 Why?
  • How do you form a Problem-Solving Team?
  • What are the steps in solving a problem?
  • What caused the problem, and how can it be prevented?
  • What is CAPA and why is that important to me?
  • Which  Corrective Action/Preventative Action (CAPA) System works best for you?

  • Do you find yourself responding to, and correcting the same problem, over and over?
  • Would you like to PREVENT problems from happening the first time?
  • Do your customers require you to respond to issues that affect their business (quality, delivery, other)?
  • Would you like to prevent these issues from (re)occurring?

Attend the webinar to learn the Corrective Action/Preventative Action (CAPA) System that works best for you

  • Quality Manager/ Quality Departments
  • Manufacturing Departments
  • Quality Engineer/ Engineering Departments
  • Quality Auditor
  • Supplier Auditor
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Production Manager/ Production Departments

Kenneth Zabel has a BBA in Quality Management and began his career in quality management working for global product certification agencies. After working for NSF International for ten years often reviewing manufacturers proposed CAPA to resolve cited violations to the certification standard(s), he managed certification programs at ETL Semko (Intertek) and CSA International (Canadian Standards Association) training engineers to do the same across North America. and in the U.K., Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, China, and South Korea.  He has also trained and worked with tier two and tier three automotive, aerospace, and medical device suppliers to set up problem-solving teams and

He has also conducted workshops in Dubai for governmental administrators from Saudi Arabia on the benefits of, and how to implement programs compliant with ISO 9001:2015. Ken's SMETA and social compliance auditing began in 2017 for Asia Inspection (today QIMA). As a contractor, he has also conducted audits for ELEVATE, SGS North America, Intertek, Bureau Veritas, and UL-STR (Underwriter's Laboratories).

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