New guidelines for vaccinated people Issued By CDC:


CDC Released New guidelines for vaccinated people:

On March 8, 2021, CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) released new guidelines for vaccinated people, guidance must balance the risk to people who have been
fully vaccinated, the risks to those who have not yet received the vaccine, and the impact in the larger community transmission of COVID-19.

For the purposes of the guidance, a person is considered fully vaccinated for COVID-19, ≥2 weeks after receiving the second dose of the 2-dose vaccines and the ≥2
weeks after receiving the vaccine of the single-dose vaccine.

The guidance recommends that Fully vaccinated people should continue to take precautions while in public,

  • Wear a well-fitted face-covering mask in public
  • Continue mask-wearing, social distancing
  • Undergo testing if COVID-19 symptoms occur
  • Follow CDC and health department travel requirements
  • Continue avoiding medium- and large-sized in-person gatherings