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News: Hershey Company appoints new CHRO, President

The Hershey Company has announced new hiring that will take up the positions for the role of president, Chief Growth Officer, and the promoted position of CHRO. In light of its new hiring, Michele Buck, the CEO of Hershey said, "Our strong momentum over the course of 2019 positions the company well as we plan for 2020."

The position of CHRO has been taken by Scalia, who is being promoted from the position of President of Hershey. Scalia has operated in senior executive roles leading all aspects of Hershey’s people and culture agenda. While the position of the President is taken by the current Vice President, Chuck Raup, US CMG, the CGO will now see Kristen Riggs, holding its position. Kristen is a marketing, sales, and commercial operations executive at Hershey.