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Managing other people is never easy, but some employees make it particularly difficult.
When an employee's negative attitude is not addressed properly, other team members become resentful, they lose respect for you as a leader, and they may develop their own negative attitude.

No leader wants a difficult or toxic employee on their team, however, it's something all leaders need to be prepared to address should it arise. Challenging employees can try a manager’s patience and drain a lot of time and energy. To turn things around takes skillful management and patience.

How you and your team effectively deal with negative and difficult team members can mean the difference between having a toxic, drama-filled workplace, and an engaged, collaborative, and productive organization.

Under stress and surrounded by uncertainty, some members of our team become negative and resistant and are simply more difficult to deal with. Successful leaders know that reducing the drama within their team depends on being able to understand and respond appropriately to their behaviors.

Learn successful strategies and tips for building a positive, productive workplace by knowing WHAT to focus on to move these interactions forward, HOW to effectively respond, and WAYS to manage the impact of their behavior. Identify challenges associated with managing difficult employees, control your own feelings effectively, and create a positive work environment. Quickly and effectively address, coach, and counsel employees with difficult attitudes in order to improve their behavior.

  • Develop an understanding for those exhibiting typical difficult attitudes in order to effectively meet their needs and move the interactions forward
  • Utilize various verbal and non-verbal communication techniques and situational strategies that you can use to de-escalate and effectively handle difficult people
  • Uncover the secret to moving difficult conversations forward
  • Utilize a Model for Conversations about Difficult Attitudes
  • Know how to act, not react, in solving situations so that you can lead with more confidence, feel less stress, and gain more success in working and interacting with your team

After this webinar, you will be able to identify challenges associated with supervising difficult employees, manage your own feelings effectively, create a positive work environment for all, respond positively to challenging employees, and treat them fairly. End frustration. Act rather than react, and ensure a respectful, effective, and collaborative team.

  • Anyone with Managerial or Leadership Responsibility

With an impressive track record spanning over 25 years, Beverly has been guiding her audiences toward mastering their reactions to stress, cultivating a culture of resilience, and achieving thriving, engaged lives through her innovative S-O-S Principle™ and Work Smart Live Smart presentations. Beverly works with teams and leaders to shift from stressed out to resilient, enabling them to be more engaged, productive, and healthy.

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