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Constructing Powerful Audit Issues focuses on the construction of the written argument. By understanding the different approaches to gathering and aggregating data, analysis and results from conversations and tests, the writer becomes the vehicle of communication for senior management. This webinar provides clear guidance on how to translate information into influential and thoughtful issues that show depth of understanding and balance between process and risk. If anyone struggles with getting management to pay attention to their concerns then this Webinar is the one for you.

  • How to connect data elements and convert into meaningful issues
  • Designing analysis to provide meaningful information
  • Converting data into arguments
  • Structuring the written message
  • Exploring ways to creatively introduce issues to management
  • Learn how to build consensus

This webinar helps those required to present difficult messages while influencing a change to process, policy or practices. Further, anyone who wants to discover the technique of changing data and results into meaningful and persuasive written arguments needs to attend this session. But make no mistake, this is not your typical writing class as we will not discuss grammar, sentence construction or necessarily style, rather we will focus on facts, data and conversions to persuasion. Instead we will focus on connecting various data elements together into one significant issue and explore creative ways to elevate issues to management and the Board of Directors.

  • Message Construction
  • The human aspect of the message
  • How to best aggregate findings and create an issue
  • Shaping issues
  • Aggregating data to make a convincing argument
  • Introducing the Maturity Continuum

  • Audit Managers and Directors
  • Chief Auditors
  • Auditors
  • Risk Managers
  • Operations Leaders
  • Operational Risk Managers
  • Regulators
  • Bank Examiners
  • Quality Control Staff
  • Corporate Trainers

Daniel Clark has over 25 years of experience in risk management and auditing. He has served in many senior auditing/risk roles culminating as chief auditor for midsize and large regional and global financial organizations. Mr. Clark has in-depth knowledge on how to integrate diverse processes into a seamless risk based audit approach that keeps audit on the cutting edge of development and value impact. His insights into the audit and risk world translate into meaningful guidance through a communication style that is fun, animated, and very participative. Mr. Clark has trained auditors and other business leaders for over five years.

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