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PivotTables are the most powerful data analysis feature in Excel, combining the ability to sort, filter, subtotal, calculate and chart data in minutes. A PivotTable displays a summary of a selected data set in a condensed format of rows, columns, data fields and pages. These components can be “pivoted” with your mouse allowing you to expand, isolate, calculate, and group the particular data in real time. This table empowers the user to view and analyse large amounts of information. 

PivotTables are a “must have” reporting tool enabling quick business decisions, crucial in business, government and academic fields. 

Join us in this informative webinar with expert Roman Kondratiuk and understand the capability of using PivotTables and Charts in Excel to boost efficiency and maximize your 'return on investment’ in MS Office. Pivot Charts provide added enhancement through powerful graphical presentation of PivotTable data. Understand this power-packed capability of Excel and how you can create PivotTables in minutes “working smarter, not harder”! 

  • Data table design essentials 

  • Understand PivotTables 

  • Create your own PivotTable 

  • Define PivotTable structure 

  • Switch & Delete PivotTable fields 

  • Create powerful, clear and concise data presentations in minutes 

  • Improve job satisfaction, team performance and professionalism 

  • Impress your management, peers and clients 

  • Advance all co-workers using MS Office to a consistent standard 

  • PivotTable Tools – Analyze and Design 

  • Summary Value Calculations and Format 

  • Column and Row Filters 

  • Pivot Charts 

  • PivotTable Slicers to Filter Data and Charts

Anyone seeking to significantly boost efficiency, productivity, job satisfaction and effective use of their technology investment. Particularly in the following fields: 

  • Accounting 

  • Audit 

  • Banking 

  • Business Analysis 

  • Economics 

  • Finance 

  • Insurance 

  • Investment 

  • Management 

  • Statistics 

  • Valuation 

Roman has qualifications in Management, Accounting, Training and Assessment and has delivered training to over 15,000 students, consistently receiving outstanding evaluations from his clients who include multi-national corporations and large government organisations.

With over 20 years of experience in Learning Development and Adult Training, Roman has mastered over 2500 topics to advanced level in Microsoft Excel, Access, Outlook, Project, PowerPoint, Word, Visio and Publisher. 

Roman’s professional and relaxed training style reflects his thorough understanding of adult learning principles and is demonstrated through his diverse range of classroom, online webinar and workshop services and development of customized instructional materials and online courses.

His achievements focused on formal risk management processes, eliminating waste, prioritization and implementation of major property management projects and formal engagement and induction of Colliers International as Building Managers.

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