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This workshop will discuss the ethical and legal tasks to close a practice. There are many tasks that must be accomplished and having an organized plan is essential.  

Describe topic importance, how this can add value to the work style.

Closing a practice involves tasks to accomplish to avoid liability such as abandonment, DEA medication issues, managed care contract legal requirements and staff benefits payouts.

  • Legal and ethical duties to patients when retiring
  • Requirements for disposal of controlled substances and the DEA
  • Medical records retention/ownership - what your attorney/broker may not realize
  • Why you should try to sell or transition your practice
  • Notification letter to patients to avoid abandonment/combine with transition letter

  • Staff termination or retention to help close the practice?
  • Notification requirements of payors 
  • Selling your medical equipment or furniture or donation? 
  • Notification of vendors and banks
  • Checklist of tasks for closing a practice

  • Target audience, role/designation.
  • Physicians, Spouses/Children of physicians, Administrators, Managers, Attorneys and risk managers

Debra Phairas, MBA, is President of Practice & Liability Consultants, LLC a nationally recognized firm specializing in practice management and malpractice prevention. Her background includes medical clinic administration and loss prevention management for NORCAL Mutual, a physician malpractice insurance carrier in Northern California. Her BS is from Michigan State University and her graduate work at Golden Gate University, San Francisco MBA Health Services Administration program. Her consulting experience includes over 1,800 practices of all sizes and specialties. Typical engagements include: practice start-ups, practice assessments, mergers, financial analysis, revenue enhancement, overhead reduction, personnel management, over 380 practice valuations, expert witness, partnership issues and recruitment support for hospitals and physician groups.  She has presented seminars and lectures nationwide for state and local medical/dental associations, management organizations and specialty societies. 

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