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There’s more to being a successful leader than a high IQ or lots of work experience.

The importance of “emotional intelligence,” a term first coined in the 1960s, has been increasingly recognized in the business world in recent years.  Being an effective listener and communicator are important skills to have in business and in life, and often having exceptional interpersonal skills can drastically improve your results in business. Essentially, if you can master your emotions, you can also better “roll with the punches” to better adapt to sudden changes that crop up, like new technology, competitive pressures or markets. Please join us for an informative training on how to improve your interpersonal skills to drive higher results in business.


*Learn the importance of having good communication and interpersonal skills in business

*learn the role of active listening

*Learn what Emotional Intelligence and how it relates to business

*Learn tips and strategies on how to improve your listening and communication skills

*Learn tips and strategies on how to increase your emotional intelligence

*Learn the role non-verbal communication plays in interpersonal relations

If you are looking for tips and strategies on how to improve your results in business, this is the webinar for you. We all can benefit from working to improve our interpersonal skills, since business is all about relationships.

*Active Listening

*Non-Verbal Communication

*Emotional Intelligence

*Tips on how to increase emotional intelligence

*Tips on how to improve interpersonal skills

*statistics showing how improving interpersonal skills can improve business results


Considering that 85% of employees fired last year were terminated due to work-related relationship problems. The following companies would benefit from this training:

  • Financial
  • Technology
  • Banking
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Education
  • Manufacturing

Taryn Abrahams one of New Jersey's most sought-after corporate behavioral and human interaction experts on workplace sexual harassment and diversity. Using her experience as a psychotherapist, Taryn developed an innovative suite of training programs designed to help businesses manage employee relations.   

Taryn empowers corporate leaders, employees, managers, sales and human resource executives to change the culture within their organizations with Bystander intervention training. She emphasizes the power of understanding human behavior, social interaction and education to drive a social shift.   

With more than 20 years in behavioral psychology, Taryn brings a fresh perspective to the sexual harassment and diversity conversation. Her passion and energy to create safe, productive and collaborative workplaces have helped hundreds of employees, executives and other professional navigate interpersonal communication more effectively. 

 Today, Taryn is a member of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners and lives in Cedar Grove, N.J., 

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